Genocide Education Canada

Global Citizenship for the 21st Century


Multimedia presentations in secondary schools can be delivered to small (e.g. a class), medium (e.g. all students in a particular course), or large (e.g. all students in a particular grade) groups of students and can be tailored to meet time constraints.  Presentations can focus on genocide generally or on specific cases of genocide, including the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, the Cambodian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, and Darfur.

Workshops: Rwanda & Darfur

In addition to multimedia presentations delivered in schools, the Centre holds day-long workshops on Rwanda & Darfur that are attended by classes from different schools.  The morning portion of these workshops raise awareness among students about the failure of the international community to intervene in the Rwandan Genocide and about what has happened and is happening in Darfur, including the international response.  The afternoon portion of these workshops raise awareness among studenst about ways that they can become active in the campaign to save Darfur and end genocide.